Sunday, January 01, 2006

Mid-way through the 3rd skein

Okay, so I overpack. And I never even worked on the sock, let alone needing any of the two extra potential sock projects. And I'm having issues with my left thumb.

Himself's parents felt the need to comment, repeatedly, at least on the first day, on the fact that I was knitting. I didn't make the comment back that they are tiresome as all get-out and what was I supposed to do.

The Nalgar is a really good road-trip sweater, because it is all one piece and fairly easy to keep track of what you're doing. I'm now at the point where there are 50-odd stitches between the markers for the sleeves, so the rows are growing longer.

Wednesday night we drove down after work. I discovered that while I may be able to knit in the dark, K2P2 rib on bamboo size zeros in the dark is a slightly trickier chore. I still managed to get about 1.5 inches done, and it got easier to tell which was knit and purl as the ribs got longer. I was just flipped out by high-speed, close quarters driving that Himself managed quite well, but the uncertainty is the others on the road.

Side note, unless you like just-off-the-turnpike dives with bars attached, no clock or radio in the room, see-through towels, and lots of drunks going up and down the stairs in the dark of the morning, pounding on doors and shouting at each other, with the occaisional police officer in the parking lot interviewing someone, don't let Himself's father book your accommodations. It was clean, mostly, give it that, but the concept of a non-smoking room was foreign to this establishment. It didn't help when Himself pointed out that the reason I had trouble operating the deadbolt on the door was that it had been damaged when someone had kicked the door in. I missed being able to sleep. It's one thing for a business not to have a website these days, but when neither nor expedia nor any other travel website has a listing for it, worry.

Thursday we futzed with their wireless setup and went to the Mercer museum in Doylestown. The Mercer is a great place for tools that used to be in common use and have now been made obsolete. If you want to show your kids (or yourself) 18th and 19th century everyday artifacts, it's a good place to go. I liked it.

Friday, Himself and I went by ourselves to Center City Philadelphia after a brief visit with the folks in the morning. Had a good time walking around. We visited Rosie's Yarn Cellar and had a nice time (purchases were made and mailed home to save trucking it around all day and to the theatre that night). Later in the day we got to Sophie's Yarns, but since they're getting ready to move soon, stock was low. I still found enough to spend the courtesy $30. The two resident cats were friendly and helpful.

That night, after His folks joined us for supper, He and I went to the Philadelphia Ballet's Nutcracker. The kids in the cast danced very well, and the adults were good, too, but that's expected.

Saturday, after another brief visit with the folks, we drove home by way of New Hope and Lambertville. The Gazebo in New Hope was closed for the day, and I have recollections of Tomato Factory being in Lambertville when they were still around, but no idea and no references (didn't take my shop guide with me!) to know if there was anything else there to replace them. Traffic was much easier to take on the way back, with only alittle snow. We got back to His house at about 5, and immediately set in for a good evening's relaxing.

Happy New Year!

You survived! I'm glad you are back. I just got back from two hours at the playground with my nephew. We had a great time! I just need my toes to thaw out now ;-)
Happy New Year!
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