Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Post-weekend Update

I wanted to start striped mittens from Robin Hansen's book(s) to go with my new hat, but realized I should work on what's already going on first, shouldn't I?

The etherial fischu continues and has grown enough to have it's second skein joined in. It's lace, but not so complicated it can't go to knitting group tonight. This is part of the using up the good stuff project, in this case, Mind's Eye Yarn's hand-dyed sock yarn.

Lastly, we have the current state of the Knit On Through Blather and Boredom Nalgar. Now that the trip of Pennsylvania is done, I'm saving working on this for ski trips. Yes, the family came together (under the guidance of himself) and supported the purchase of boots and poles. I am now ready to go cross-country skiing.

If it would stop raining in New England.

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