Monday, January 16, 2006

Refocusing on the Anti-Blather Nalgar

Minding the shop on Saturday was an excellent venue to make more progress on the Anti-Blather Naglar -- that sweater I started during Christmas week to have something to work on during the road trip and the visit with Himself's parents. Coming back, I was at the point where I still had a number of increases to go before I could start the sleeves. So, in between helping folks with yarn purchases, I had just enough time to finish the last rows of increases, without having so much time at once that I put further stress on my hurting hands.

I like the Nalgar (Elizabeth Zimmermann, Knitting Workshop) for such projects, because it's made in one piece up to the shoulder, with sleeves increased outwards from the underarm point until you get to the maximum side sleeve/top of the body. Lots of lovely knitting, knitting, knitting, with no tricky bits to keep track of while folks blather on share their thoughts.

First, we have the amorphous mass of maximum sweater = 72 sleeve stitches, 138 front stitches, 72 sleeve stitches and 138 back stitches, all on one size 4.

Next, we have the "sleeves" put on threads, and the front and back on two different circulars to be ready to kitchener the shoulders together.

Third, we have one side's front and back shoulders kitchenered together. What we're missing is the shot from this morning when both shoulders had been kitchenered, the neck K1P1 ribbed on size zeros (body was knit on 4s), and the sleeve ready to be knit down from about the elbow. Unfortunately, the camera had a battery problem. Ever found yourself at your boyfriend's house with about 6 AAA batteries, but no AAs?

Lastly, we have the shot back at my place with the first sleeve mid-way done.

One thing that has made my life much easier over the past year is having Documents to Go on my Palm. I can start a notes document for a project in Word at home (easier typing), make notes and edits as I go in the Palm, and then resynch when I get home. Here are the notes for this sweater so far (italics are notes on the road):

Nalgar from Cascade 220 blue/green/purple quatro. Swatching over Xmas weekend 2005. Size 4 CP 16" yields 4.75 sts/inch. Half width 10.25, 97 sts.

Sweater to be 41 inches around. Total 4.75 x 41 = 194.75 sts., round 194.

Revised thinking – 196 stitches around, start on size 0s with 168.

Total depth to UA – previous sweaters 9.5”, try 9.75 or 10.

K2P2 rib for 2 inches or more. 20 rows actual. Increase 1 st in 12 (total 14) to 182,
then 4 sts in a around twice, for total 196. Didn't quite work but got there eventuallly.

8% of 196 = 15.68, round to 16. Mark 16 each side (8 out from each marker), increase there until 78 sts (78.4) if 40%. 37% would be 72.52 sts, 35% would be 68.6.

Boatneck – original says 40% stitches left open for neck. Fiddle.

138 sts. across front neck. Tried kitchenering 50sts. each side, leaving middle for neck. Took out 4 sts. each side for 46, 46, 46. K1P1 rib on zeros for 7 rounds and then cast off loose using a 4.

Sleeves – 20% sleeves would be 39.2 sts. Getting to small at wrists. 25% is 49 sts. Even. 22% is 43.12 sts. After weaving shoulders and doing neck, have 11 inches length to cast off cuff.72-44=28/2=14.

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