Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Sleeves take time, don't they?

Well, it helps that I started this one over last Wednesday. I finished one sleeve of the Anti-Blather Nalgar last night and got started on the second. For the record, decreases are at the rate of decrease round, 2 blank rounds, which I think makes it every third, but I always get confused with counting like that beyond "every other round." Cuffs are 15 rounds on zeros, then bind off.

The John and Abigail Adams American Experience piece was good and kept me company during the process.

I tried the sweater on after the first sleeve was done. It looks like it will fit okay, but needs a blocking to get the stitches to relax. That would mean clearing floor space currently taken up by the shetland yarn from 1991.....

Side note, what with the party and all, there were a few days there where I knit minimally or not at all and I notice my hands hurt worse and were much stiffer than usual when I work up. Knitting happened Sunday and last night, and hands weren't bad in the morning. I see Par tonight, and that will be good.

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