Sunday, January 22, 2006

That was a lot of people over last night

We had the Chocolate Party at Himself's house last night. 40 people had RSVP'd and when we thought about it this morning there were 7 people who had said they would but didn't make it for various reasons, so we're thinking 33 folks were in the house at one time. Good thing it's a decent size house.

His friends and mine blended nicely and I think pretty much everyone talked to each other, rather than clumping with just folks they already knew. What I had forgotten was in the Eastern Massachusetts higher ed/high tech environment, how many people have either heard of each other through connections or realized they knew friends of friends of each other, or had met briefly years before at some other gathering. It's a small world in 617 and 781.

The chocolate fountain went really well, we used about 5 pounds over the course of three or so hours (in the last hour, everyone was sitting down talking and no one was using it, so we turned it off). With the fountain table with dippables set up at one end of the house and the table for everything else chocolate at the other, with soda/seltzer/coffee stations mid-way, things flowed fairly well. Cleanup wasn't horrendous either, because I think with the dripping chocolate folks were being careful to not get it all over the place.

I figured out an easy way to keep yourself from pigging on the chocolate, at least early on, was to host -- much being here and there and called to do something else for the first hour or so. I also discovered that, at least to my taste, raw celery dipped in chocolate is a good thing. Cool, crisp and refreshing with a sweet outer coat.

I didn't get any knitting done, though I had stashed a sock in a drawer in the kitchen, just in case. Unfortunately, I also a camera stashed in the kitchen and didn't get that out either come to think of it.

Tonight I start winding 1 ounce skeins out of the clumps of J&S colors I have and teaching Himself about how a traditional Fair Isle motif varies color combinations between the rows, thereby giving myself a thorough review of what I may or may not know about the subject.

It was a great party! I'm so glad you guys decided to have it. Yummy chocolate and good company!
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