Thursday, January 26, 2006

Yesterday was 11 months until Christmas

Just sayin...... For me, I need the upcoming baby calendar. There's one from work due April, next from work due May, and now my cousin in Florida is expecting triplets in July. What does one make for July Florida babies, times three?

In any case, the Anti-Blather Nalgar was finished last night and is now blocking. Cascade 220, color 9439, lot #2737, done on size 4s with zeros for the ribbing. For further details, see prior posts. I think it took 4 skeins, maybe five. Whichever it was, it went down to the last few yards of that skein.

And in the Knitting Olympics Challenge I have joined Team Boston and the ringers from out of town have shown up, shown here with Stanley, still in party gear from last weekend. I've so far managed to take apart each 4 and 8 ounce groupings of color, separate out a one ounce skein of each, wind it and start a swatch on zeros of just working a bit of each color to see how it comes out.

Finally, I was all set to start on Stanley's new friend using Wonderful Wool, and I can't find my copy of the pattern. Deb at the Woolery has put a new one in the mail to me, along with FiberTrends' brand new pattern for a hedgehog. What's the Cambridge residential zoning rules for (stuffed) livestock? In the meantime, I've started the Striped Mittens I've wanted to go with my hat, using Wonderful Wool Athena and Lamb's Pride Worsted Black as the the undercolor. I'm trying the pattern in Robin Hansen's new book, but I may go back to the original if I get into trouble.

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