Sunday, February 05, 2006

Product of our environment.....

The first part of the swatching got finished Saturday afternoon. Here we have 4 -6 stripes of each color available in my collection of J&S jumperweight, arranged with the one ounce balls along the sides in alternating order.

Then I moved into the more worrying part of swatching -- picking a graphic pattern and putting color with it. And made my first mistake. I've read about changing colors within the rows of the motif, but not recently. I thought I'd be clever by switching the foreground and background colors, in this case, swap red for gray and gray for red. Which totally obliterated the four petal image of this chart. There will be more iterations of this chart in the swatch before the end of the week.

I'm relatively happy with my one-color each hand technique, but it's been at least six years since I last used it so I can use more practice anyway. What I'm having trouble with is not having an image in my mind of what I want the tam to look like. I need to see colors come together and pick a graphic that's pleasing. Before the opening ceremonies, which are when?

And then I realized what I had unconsciously picked as my color muse. Brilliant.

Just so long as I stay away from this particular muse.......

Okay, the coke can made me laugh out loud. Pretty funny!
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