Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Talk about having a handicap

It struck me today just when the Knitting Olympics begins -- i.e., This Friday the 10th.


1. That evening we have Chamber Music. One doesn't wiggle during chamber music, one doesn't fidget and one certainly doesn't knit, except socks at intermission.

2. Saturday I have my annual opthomalogy exam with dilation. I have learned, through painful experience, that I should not try to look at anything in the hours while the dilation medication is still active. The muscles that control the focusing of the eye strain hard against the dilation if you try. Bring on the migraine.

3. Saturday afternoon/evening my folks will be in the city and just tonight asked if Himself and I would like to get together with them when their business is done. See #2, but it sounds like we should make an effort.

4. Sunday afternoon Himself and I are invited to a Patience sing potluck at the home of friends of ours. Wouldn't miss it, but that's time not working on something with charts.

5. Monday evening is the monthly meeting of my co-operative house. Also, not the time to be working on something with charts.


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