Monday, February 13, 2006

With the help of Coach Lucy

We have a framework. Several decisions were made Saturday:

1. The top of the tam use the same chart as the tam titled "Sweet Melodies."
2. The colorway will be the one at the right, with the dark red as a background all through the top, the browns as foreground colors, dark on the rim going to light in the center, with the bright red as a highlight color.

On Sunday afternoon I finally felt ready (or as ready as I was gonna be) to cast on. 7.33 sts. to the inch times 21 inches, minus 20% for negative ease of ribbing means 124 stitches of corrogated ribbing, cream on the knit stitches, brown on the purls, for an inch of ribbing.

There will be a pause as I figure out what the border under the wheel will be.......

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