Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Another night, lost to low

I was 255 leaving work yesterday at 5, headed to a massage/acupuncture session with Par, so took just a 1 unit correction which should have brought me down to only 200, and instead, by the time I got home at 7:50 I was 60 and loopy. Many thanks to Himself for "walking" me home over the cellphone, because I was in the highly easily distracted mode and thought I might be low (but how could I be low? I was supposed to be around 200, plenty of margin to go before loopy). I had called him to make sure I stayed on getting home rather than wander off to look at things in stores.

And when I got home I ate the world.

So, new sewing up and no further progress on the April baby sweater. Which does not change that the new moon occurred an hour and a quarter ago and it's now time to cast on all those projects over the next couple days.

Actually, the May baby sweater will have to wait for the April baby sweater to be done first, since it, too, needs the 16 inch size 4s. I'm not sure where the other's I'm sure exist are, but the Kulch has them and is not giving them up right now.

Maybe the kitten will be finished over the weekend. Maybe.

You know I'd be glad to sew up that kitten if you want me to. :-)
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