Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Let's all be really quiet now

The flamingo is at the point of "Turning Head", where you get some rows that have the instruction "W&T" (wrap and turn, i.e, K so many, slip next stitch to right needle, bring wool to front, turn work around, slip end stitch back to right needle and knit back the other side, with the stitch on the end having a half a loop sideways around it) 18 times, with the exception of the row in which it appears 19 times. This accomplishes short-row shaping, but will not defend itself well against Wednesday night knitting group chatter.

So I started a sweater for the baby of the co-worker due in April. Socketta, size 4 needle, we'll see what gauge comes out, and it's the baby raglan pattern Lucy wrote for Mind's Eye Yarns when she needed a simple baby sweater for people.

Many were the counting issues tonight, but there were finally 66 stitches in the cast on row. Some day I will learn to put the markers from the first row into the cast on so that there will be the correct number on the needle from the start, rather than working the first row and coming up short.

I did my federal taxes last night and came out owing the government only $27 more than what they've already had over the course of the year. Turning the savings bond into a CD and getting hundreds of dollars of interest from the bond realized was probably what did it. I'm not sure about these people who want large refunds. Do they realize that $1,000 divided by 12 months is roughly $84 a month they could have had the use of? Even $42 a month would come in handy sometimes ......

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