Sunday, March 19, 2006

Off to the Patience sing

Friends of ours are having a sing-through of Patience this afternoon. Himself has been practicing his Colonel, while I can sort of warble along as a love-sick maiden.

Not much kitten progress. The flamingo (still unstuffed) is trying out the name Consuelo. Consuelo and Stanley...... are they a couple?

Take of these elements all that is fusible
Melt 'em all down in a pipkin or crucible
Set 'em to simmer and take off the scum
And a heavy dragoon is the res-i-duuuu-ummm

(off the top of my head - could do a little more of that song, but certainly not all of it)

Certainly Consuelo and Stanley can be a couple. It's possible they grew up in different neighborhoods, but that shouldn't stand in the way of true flamingo love.
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