Monday, March 13, 2006

Sew long

I am not a fast finisher. I don't handsew well. What we have here is a knit but unfelted flamingo with:
0. (ends finished in)
1. 2 legs, back seams sewn and feet "sculpted."
2. Beak sewn black to black.
3. Body sewn to mid-way down the chest.

Still to go:
Body sewn to point where "tummy panel" gets added to make a 3-dimensional belly, the tail sewn and shaped and the legs attached. I have a hard time picking just which bit of fiber to run the needle under to make the stitches. Sewing the long leg seams took about 45 minutes each for me if that gives you an idea of the scope of the problem.

This bird is still a ways away from that ride in the hot dryer with the sopping wet towels.

In the meantime, I'm realizing that that office baby due sometime in April will be here shortly, so I'm using the baby sweater I started last Wednesday as "around town" knitting. Lucy's pattern is a raglan from the top down and I've gotten just past all the increases and into the stretch of stockinette stitch straight body. I haven't measured what gauge I'm getting yet, being more of the "it'll fit sometime" school when it comes to baby sizing garments. It's Sockotta on size 4s and I'll measure when I'm done.

And now, I've got a supper to eat and a bird to continue working on before I lose momentum and get hung up on seaming.

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