Friday, March 31, 2006

So, what got worked on last evening?

The moebius for the first Saturday in June. And I'm pleased with the progress. By the time I got done blogging and a bit of tidying, the Big Easy (Dennis Quaid, Ellen Barkin) was into its second half. Cajun background music, easy garter, color blocks of 15 1/2 ridges, lets get to it. Himself out at Symphony so the couch to myself. The Audible CDs burning.

I'm thinking of taking the May office baby sweater to work on for the weekend, since that has the most definite (but still far out there) deadline for finishing. And I'll take Ambrose and the April office baby sweater. Everything else is stuff I want to do, but don't have a huff, puff, coming up fast deadline.

Time to start packing.

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