Friday, March 24, 2006

This time with photos

1. Kitten. Still an amorphous mass, but since this was taken it has progress to a knitted head, and one (separate) ear done. Still to come, second ear and tail Then, figuring out how it fits together and sewing.

2. The cute couple #1.

3. The cute couple #2, closeup on eyes. Windsor button supplies eyes for me. Stanley's eyes are "shoe button" and wound up sewn really too far back on his head. Her eyes are fancy regular buttons with patterning that look like eyes.

4. Last night, Himself was in the "waiting for my turn with the computer chair" in my study with the two birds.

The flamingos are a riot! I especially like the knobby knees.
Looks like Himself is happy to have company while waiting. Maybe they can become the 'official' waiting helpers.
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