Wednesday, March 15, 2006

This time with pictures?

Here's the new (unnamed) flamingo out of the dryer. At the moment it's sitting up and lightly stuffed with bar towels to help form the shape as it dries. At the back is the bag of fiberfill I'm hoping is big enough to stuff this bird. It will probably take a few more days to dry thoroughly so I'm picturing stuffing it Sunday evening with Himself. You really don't want mold inside a stuffed animal, do you?

And since I mentioned the kitten, here's how it was last left, an amorphous mass at the end of December. I think it's at the point of starting the second rear leg, the question is, where are these reference points the pattern refers to? I always mean to leave myself a note whenever I put this down for more than a trip to the bathroom, but do I?

But for tonight, the baby sweater is going to knitting group.

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