Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Three Halves of a Tail Later

This is our bird this far. It's Fiber Trends Flamingo Beach Party, #221X, being done in Wonderful Wool colorway Athena on size 11 needles. The pattern calls for 350 yards of main color, but I wound up using way more last time, getting into a third skein on Lamb's Pride Worsted, which runs 190 yards to the skein. I'm not sure if knitting at a tighter gauge was the issue.

The legs require double strands, so unlike last time (Stanley) when I ran out and needed to buy more to finish the legs, I decided to start with the two legs and get them done first. So far, so good. Then I went back to the beginning of the pattern and cast on for the tail, which is done in two halves mirroring each other, with various markers for later construction placed along the way, and then joined together. Except when you realize your second half has the markers along then same edge where your first half had markers along opposite edges. And you read the further directions about the long edge of the tail (once joined) without markers. and realize you goofed somewhere.

The directions aren't that difficult, but skill set needed for this project would include:
1. knowing what your prior wrap and turn in garter stitch looks like so you can tell where you are in the row.
2. At various points, there will be a series of:
row X and row x +2, knit and do something at the second to last stitch,
row x +1, knit.
The key thing to remember here when you come to row x+3, is not to do the row x+1 instruction just because it visually comes after from row x + 2 (duh). That's just careful reading.

I know from having made this before that later on there will be single rows where you're told to wrap and turn multiple times within that row. Again, reading your knitting as a double check to where you are is invaluable.

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