Sunday, March 12, 2006

Time for the seamy side of life

The knitting of the flamingo was finished this morning, and now I have to renew my acquaintence with seaming technique to bring this bird together. Now pictures, since I don't have my camera with me.
The flamingo has taken about a third to a half of the third skein of main color, so I don't know where they got their 250 yards of main color, where each skein is 190 yards.
It's fussy at the turning head portion with all the wrap and turns, but that's a matter of being able to concentrate and pay attention.
For now, we're off to get exercise before the rain comes with a hike through Mt. Auburn Cemetary.
Depending on my sewing skills, this bird may get the magic ride through the hot dryer with the sopping wet towels tonight.

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