Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The chicken is retaining water

This bird was dryer felted on Sunday evening and Wednesday morning the interior of the cavity is still really wet. Last night I realized I should be taking out the plastic bags and letting the bottom and interior get some air. The roundness isn't collapsing, so I'm hoping when it's dry enough to stuff there won't be any strange concave parts. In the interests of full disclosure, on the side not shown there is a small box within the larger box to fill in and give support.

Still needs a name. Fustercluck has been considered and rejected. This was a nice pattern to make.

The May office baby sweater made more progress last night. It's a baby nalgar, one of the EPS designs by Elizabeth Zimmermann. The shoulders have been grafted together, the left arm is waiting for its sleeve and the right sleeve is in progress. I may make progress this morning before leaving for work, but it will probably be finished tonight at knitting group. I want to be able to give this and the April baby sweater to the mothers tomorrow before I take off for NEFFA for the weekend.

The butterfly shawl made progress, too and has reluctantly agreed to pose for a photo. I'm loving the yellow/blue making green impression this gives.

So, what does one bring to knit during a Yarn Harlot appearance tomorrow afternoon? My criteria would be: something you don't have to look at, something you don't mind if you don't make a lot of progress because you'll be distracted by all the excitement, something really portable in case, well, what if she's free for supper after or something. Then again, it is the pre-NEFFA dance at Springstep evening.

I'm thinking the Moebius scarf that I'm going to need for my I-cord border workshop at the Granite State Knit-In that I'd best make progress on if it's going to be ready for an I-cord border on the first Saturday in June. The brochure came out this week which means time is coming up soon. (Note to self -- do the Entrelac homework, too!)

On the other hand, what does one bring to NEFFA? Probably yet another perpetual sock. It's a big dance festival (well, there are other things on the schedule besides contradancing, but.....) and I'll be busy. Not much blogging this weekend, but this year I'll try taking pictures from the bleachers.

New moon for new projects is a week from tomorrow.... time to start thinking about May.

I love the chicken!
thank you!. It's FiberTrends #209 made with Pastaza, and a lot of fun.
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