Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I'm happy to have made progress on the chicken. I know I've got just a bunch of things going, and I'm trying not to really focus on any one. Over the weekend I managed to finish one half of tail, made the second and three-needle bound them off together. This is now ready to have 73 stitches picked up along the long edge. Note: both sides have the long edge and the pointy edge in the correct orientation and all the right sides agree. Ahem.

The yellow/blue butterfly shawl made some slow progress, but it's still shy.

The May office baby sweater moved very far forward through the yoke increases, headed for the shoulder kitchenering during Sunday night's house meeting. This is the long part of the sweater where it increases every other round, but on this small scale it goes quickly.

Then you find this (on the left): which I believe is called pooling. I'll be frogging back to the start of the increases and trying the trick of using alternate skeins on alternate rounds to break up the phenomenon. Let you know how that works in the days to come.

We had the first organizational meeting for the Boston Knit-Out 2006 last night and a grand group of new faces were there! The next meeting is May 1 at 6:30, location to be announced.

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