Monday, April 17, 2006

Do the fuzzy chicken

The knitting of the chicken was finished Saturday night and before-seaming pictures were taken Sunday morning. On the right we see the main chicken piece, the diamond shape that will fill out the belly and the orange comb and wattle in their approximate future locations.

On the left we have the same bird folded into a more recognizable shape. As it was not on the menu for the Easter lunch at my parents', it had to be abandoned to its own devices for the day. I'll have you know this chicken did not assemble itself while we were gone. Bad bird.

Once we got home, the bird was sewn together in relatively short order, though it's surprizing how much sewing does not get done while channels are being flippitied by the sewer. Ahem.

Himself is helpfully providing a sense of scale against the background of the bush, once he grasped the concept that his hand should not be obscuring the features of the head.

After supper, the bird was put in the dryer sopping wet with two sopping wet towels. Drying went very quickly 7:20 - 8:25 with many frequent checks.

The yarn used for this chicken is Cascade's Pastaza, a 50% llama, 50% wool blend. There was much fuzz given off and the finished bird is much fuzzier than my usual projects with Lamb's Pride Worsted. The pattern calls for 350 yards of main color, so I had bought 3 skeins of Pastaza, 132 yards/100 gr., recommended gauge 4 st/inch on size 9s. That makes it a heavy worsted in my mind. Himself is demonstrating how much of the second skein I had left after sewing up.

And, finally, here's the bird in drying mode. It's propped up on a paper towel holder and fluffed out temporarily with plastic bags that newspapers come in, just to help the curves set.

No name yet.

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