Tuesday, April 25, 2006

End that swing and on to the next

The new moon is coming up on Thursday, so it's time to think about casting on new projects. So far, the list has the series of 3 baby Nalgars in Sockotta that I'm doing for the cousin's triplets expected in July, their flamingo, and (maybe) Himself's Wonderous Woven Cables sweater from the Fall 2000 Knitters, done in navy blue Green Mountain Spinnery.

The swatch failed the can you leave it for awhile come back and know where you are test last night, and got frogged. I've instead made a row chart for myself that I can tick off the rows as completed and keep my place. Not sure I can get enough swatch done between tonight and tomorrow to make real gauge judgement by Thursday, but we'll see.

It may be cast on Friday anyway. Thursday night is going back to dancing. No, really, this year we mean it. This week Himself has Symphony tickets, but I'm going to see if a neighbor I know is going, either by car or willing to be my late-night bus buddy.

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