Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Getting back to that swatch

I don't know what I ever did to him, but Himself picked a good one here. The first swatch was ripped out the other night when it failed the "can I figure out in the chart where I left off" test. Even with a marker, I couldn't be certain.

So, since the chart is one of those simple looking but easy to lose your place wonders, I went back to old methods and wrote out the rows. Note, this is much easier with readily available word processors and printers than in was in the 80s when I was getting started. Set up a table, label rows completed down one side, fill in rows in the multiple (6 - 37 in this case) in the second column, third column type in instructions for rows, copying and pasting those that repeat within the multiple, and then copy and paste the sequence down the page. Cross of rows completed as you go. Print copies for swatch, front, back and sleeves, and remember to label them at the top so you know which one you're working on (ahem).

I made much faster progress on this swatch started at 9 last night. Unfortunately, the dark blue is still difficult to see at night and doesn't photograph much better in daylight. I'm sure this will be just lovely when it's finished. Until then, turn on the floodlights.

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