Friday, April 21, 2006

Happy Spring weekend

Yesterday was a lovely day and today is being just as nice.

In the morning I gave the April and May office baby sweaters (sorry, pictures are on the other computer) to the respective expectant mothers at the office and then took a half vacation day.

In the afternoon, Jane of Porter Square Books and Lucy of Mind's Eye Yarns worked hard arranging for Stephanie the Yarn Harlot to come to Porter Square. At first she was going to appear at the bookstore, but when they realized the store holds about 100 people, it got moved across the street to the Masonic Temple's basement hall. The event was scheduled to start at 4:30 p.m., but folks showed up early to help out. We've been in there about 10 minutes and +/- 150 chairs are set up.

A short time later and there was a quiet presence at the back of the hall.

Lucy (on the left) had made a gift basket from local goodies. From what I remember her listing the other night, there was Burdick's chocolate, nice pens from Bob Slate Stationers, sheep imprinted purse tissues from Tags (sorry, Cantabridgians, she bought them out), and, of course, some freshly hand-dyed sock yarn of her own.

Close to show time and there's a small crowd at the back buying books and saying hello to the guest. I didn't get a shot of the hall during the show, but most of the 150 or so chairs were taken.

There's a contrast between urban and suburban knitters. I'm a regular at the Granite State Knit-In, which happens the first Saturday in June up at Loon Mountain (send me email if you wanttheir contact info, registration is happening now). The suburban knitters have cars and bring big bags of knitting for the day, since there are classes in the morning, a market, a lunch and a speaker in the afternoon. I'm used to them needing room for their stuff. The urban knitters (since I think many came by MBTA) bring far less luggage with them. I was setting up chairs with lots of space, and it really wasn't necessary. Live and learn.

Grumperina was there and several people showed her their Jaywalkers.

And with a brief introduction, the show began. Much of it was familiar from her books and blog, but it was good to hear her voice, her emphasis and tone. There's nothing like live performance to bring a work to life.

Himself came by afterwards, Stephanie took our picture with her sock (wow, she has a tight gauge on that thing -- it felt stiff) and we wound up going out to dinner. I hadn't realized (but it makes sense) that other knitters had gone on ahead to Christophers and saved seats, and we all joined them. I know I recognized faces from blog photos, but couldn't put names to people there. And then we went to the pre-NEFFA dance at Springstep.

Today I put eyes on the chicken and stuffed it. Himself is suggesting the name 'Spring' for it, and I still haven't come up with anything better.

And tonight the real dancing begins. Be back on Monday.

Thanks for all your help yesterday! I, of course, forgot to thank you at the time but you know I would be nothing without you.
The Yarn Harlot & Co. were most impressed by your display (with the help of himself) of waltzing without touching. I told her of your delightful tendency to start dancing with each other almost anywhere or anytime.
We came back here after dinner and I have a picture of her shopping in my shop! I can now die happy.
You're welcome. The first night of NEFFA was great. They've put up a tent with a floor as an overflow room the the Lower Hall, and when we first got there the Hall was full and the tent empty. We had space to polka and for once I'm finally getting how to do a polka turn -- think spin with your shoulders, not from your hips.
I linked to your blog via the yarn harlot's and seeing your chicken, well, I just gotta have one! I collect roosters/chickens (this would be the first knitted one; others are carved wood, wire, leather, pottery, etc.). Any chance you might tell me where I can find the pattern for it? I'll tell you how much I want the pattern: I created a blog identity for myself just so I could put this request to you; I will not really have a blog since I don't have a digital camera or the technological aptitude to do that (but I do indeed have a blog address where you may respond about the chicken pattern is so inclined). Thanks for the enjoyable visit to your blog spot.
It's FiberTrends Pattern #209X. If I can shill for a friend of mine who carries the pattern, will take phone orders and she carries the complete line of FiberTrends patterns.
The link for the Jaywalkers is messed up a little bit. You might want to remove the extra http.
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