Saturday, April 22, 2006

Quick post

Wow. When the Yarn Harlot puts a link to your blog, even at the bottom of her entry, you get about 250 hits in a day. And 30 people have already been by this morning.

NEFFA is great, as usual. They have expanded Lower Hall with a tent this year and the tent is great. Only problem to get to Lower Hall you must cross pavement with grit. Grit ruins suede soles and dance floors. Bring your street shoes to get there. Let's hope they get some mats put down.

On the right, Himself in the Main Hall at about 10:30. It's not overly crowded. On the left, Lisa and the woman from Roaring Jelly who I can't remember her name, conducting the "festival orchestra' -- i.e., open to anyone who wants to bring an instrument and is familiar with the standard playbook.

And, of course, there was knitting. One perpetual sock finished, the next started on the way there.

The yarn you are using for the socks is beatiful.
Thanks! It's Meilenweit Multieffekt from Lana Grossa
Made in Italy, 80% machine wash wool, 20% polyamid. I've made a couple pairs out of it and it washes/dries/wears well.
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