Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Last night was spent ripping back all those increase rows I'd accomplished Sunday night, not tidying up the yarn (as you can see at the top of the photo), and reworking the May office baby sweater.

Did a slight change from my original plan -- when I went to join in the new yarn, I realized it was at the same point in the long repeat where the current yarn was. So instead of changing skeins on alternate rows, I'm changing after two rows instead. The color repeats are working nicely now, no more of the white building up on top of itself every round.

So I'm a fair way back to where I was, and will probably bring this to knitting group tonight. The working yarn is a mess, but it's a simple pattern (yeah, Elizabeth Zimmermann knew what she was doing!) and it goes well with conversation. It went well last night with those episodes of Whose Wedding is it Anyway? I love customer service shows, like that and Airline.

I had a surprize on the T yesterday. Working away on the perpetual sock, ready to do the toe, and my basic tool (of which I've about 4 sets of) wasn't in my briefcase. The basic tool is a nail clipper (yarn cutter) on a string with a tapestry needle. It's small and takes care of the thing I probably can't find if I have a knitting emergency when I'm out of the house. Paperclips can be stitchholders and stitch markers, things can be found to give you a (rough) measurement, but finding something to put yarn through stitches can be tough. And mine wasn't there. I know they migrate, but I thought I'd put on in there recently.

Tapestry needles cost $2.75 for a set of two at lunchtime on Newbury Street. And they have the angled tips, which I haven't used before and I'm dubious of, but they worked on the Red Line home and the next sock of the pair was cast on, which was, after all, the point of the exercise.

Can't you bend a paperclip to make an "eye" of a needle, and thus make a "needle"? (BTW, I'm the women who met you on the Red Line last Thursday, whom you told about the book reading on the 20th, at Porter Sq. books)
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