Thursday, April 06, 2006

Yellow and Blue really do....

Start with one part each of Jaggerspun Zephyr --daffodil and ice blue. Combine by knitting two strands together using the FiberTrends Butterfly Garden Shawl (done as half a square), and get....... green! It's a nifty effect, because you still see yellow and blue in the stitches, but the overall effect is a light green. It's a very Springy color, helpful this week since around here we've had such gray light since the time change.

(The shawl is shy at the moment and doesn't want to stretch out and show its butterflies yet. They're there. There are six of them in each half at the moment. The shawl is reaching the bigger bounding puppy stage.)

Himself appreciates the effect, but, knowing the couple better than I do, is not sure this sort of green is a color that S. likes. We're visiting them on Saturday so can get a better sense then. This may be someone else's shawl.

The May office baby sweater is continuing. Over the weekend I realized that size 4 (shown on the right) was giving just to big and loose a gauge. Moving down to a 2 (on the left) is better, but I'm not in a hurry to get more of this yarn. It splits really easily so one thing to think of while working is making sure you've worked a whole stitch and not left split loops hanging off the fabric.

The other project that made progress over the weekend was the swatch for Himself's sweater. It's a dark blue, so while it showed up well in the morning light on the porch, it's just not that clear of a photo. Um, there's seed stitch and a few cables in there. Somewhere.

Okay, taking a few moments to play with the fill flash feature makes a slight improvement. I'm going for two vertical iterations of the pattern before measuring gauge. It's amazing how much the piece pulled in once it got to that part.

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