Wednesday, May 10, 2006

At least the bird has a leg to stand on

even if it lacks a foot. Last night's entertainment in front of the TV, double-stranded stockinette for 64 rows. I'm thinking the foot and the second leg will be tonight's project for Wednesday night knitting at Mind's Eye.*

The commuting fairies were slightly better yesterday, only in regard to seating. There were still seats at Porter, but then we had 2 schedule corrections before Charles making me ten minutes late. And on the way to Par's last night, the bus hit every light. So the baby nalgar made a lot of progress up its increasing part.

Note to commuting fairies -- the ideal commute has both seating and speed. I can deal with not having quite so much knitting time between points A and B.

Of course, standing in the drizzle on the porch to take the photo, I can easily see the increases. I think I've circled them here, otherwise, I've just been playing with the pencil tool in Photoshop.

I'm being amused by the growing collection of things to use to download into the machine. The new one in the middle hooks into the Precision Xtra meter and gets me readings. I'll probably be sticking with the GlucoPilot in the old Palm for now, for one thing because Abbott's software seems to be for a doctor's office to collect multiple patients' data there, rather than patient download and email numbers in.

*Petronella the chicken will be going to knitting group tonight as well.

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