Monday, May 22, 2006

date, and improving handout

Big news from the Boston Knit-Out and Crochet Too meeting tonight: The date will be Sunday, September 24, 2006.

Then I came home and started dealing with my entrelac handouts. I'm trying to add pictures, and next need to print it out to see how well it works in B&W.

I find it amazing when I think I'm using standard terms, spoken clearly, and folks will interpret them many ways. I'm hoping the pictures will help. I'm quite proud of this one, showing, having purled one stitch, how to turn the work to the right side and perform a make 1 (M1) increase on the knit side, with strand to be picked up and knitted highlighted.

I've done all the photos in greyscale, which means I had to do some testing first. My orange and purple were pretty close to the same tone (or is it value?) when viewed in greyscale, so the two colors pictured above are hot pink (dark) and very light yellow (light).

Over the years, I find a number of knitters take my classes at the Knit-In just to get validation. They know what they're doing, they just want "an expert" to tell them its right. Okay, for one day I can stroke a few egos and pass out praise and kind words. If I'm lucky, they'll help the person next to them when I'm on the other side of the table. If I'm really lucky, they won't not read the directions as they go forging ahead of everyone else and then get huffy that they missed a vital step. One does have to be careful about undoing someone else's work, even if it has to go back to a prior step to be done correctly.

That's a great picture! You're going to have to show me how to do that sometime.
It's the Photoshop Elements pencil tool.
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