Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I broke an 8!

not a 5 mm needle, but a standard of care. Normals' A1c measurement are 4.6 - 6.4. One standard of care says I should be under 7 to be in "good control", though I've also heard someone is putting around that diabetics should be aiming for normal range rather than just under 7.

I've never been able to get myself under an 8 before, but, at yesterday's meeting with the endocrinologist she told me that my lastest reading was 7.9. The goal is still to get under 7, but having been 8.3 and 8.1 in July and October last year and then 8.6 in January (after a badly managed December), this is real progress.

Having the new 522 pump with RT glucose sensor will help more, but that's July. I'm just waiting until June 19th to find out whether I need to shell out a grand for it and then a few hundred a month for supplies then hope my insurance will think it's a good idea and reimburse me, or whether Minimed will by then be prepared to bill insurance companies directly. It's happening one way or the other, even if I have to pay for it all myself.

2nd expected triplet baby nalgar progress happened last night. The knitting was finished, even if the finishing wasn't. The first picture is the 2nd sweater. The second picture is the first and second together, to show how the colorways work.

And then you get the 3rd expected triplet baby naglar, which, doesn't quite seem to fit with the other two, given the length of the color repeats. I'll be saving this one for future gifting and do a 4th to complete the current set. I've got my choice of two other yarns and I'm thinking of going with the one on the right. It won't have the yellow/blue/red of the other two, but it has enough of the same tones that I think it will work. The other looks a tad too pale.

Himself is now planning to head to Atlantic Canada on the Sunday after the Knit-In, heading from Loon Mountain, dropping me off at the train in Portland on his way north, for me to make my way home via North Station. I normally bring baggage anywhere I go, so this will be an exercise in how little I can discipline myself to bring since I'll have to lug it back across the river either by T or pay for a taxi.

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