Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I'm not finding my camera......

So I'm hoping it's at Himself's house.

If there were pictures, you would see: 1. A short flamingo leg, about 2 inches long for the expected triplets.

2. The sleeves of Himself's dark blue sweater (or maybe not, given how well this yarn doesn't photograph) done at the same time, up to row 24 above the ribbing, about to cross the cables, with the addition to the written out rows of pattern of circles around which rows get the increases on either end.

3. The first of the expected triplet sweaters, well into the increases and hopefully just a few commutes away from starting the sleeves (when it will probably stay home for an evening or two and just get finished).

There's not much news from last night's Boston Knit-Out meeting. The City has not confirmed our requested date yet, though we are apparently the only ones so far to apply for the last Sunday in September. The Knit-Out website will be updated soon, and we hope to have credit card/paypal options for purchasing bags and t-shirts on-line when the bags and t-shirts are ready to order. Graphics need to be designed before then, though.

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