Wednesday, May 03, 2006

It was hiding

Helps to look in all the pockets of your carrybags when searching for a missing camera.

So, progress on the things started last Thursday: an embryonic flamingo leg. Not sure when I'm going to work on this one, but sometime soon.

On the left, the first baby Nalgar for the cousin's expected triplets. This one is still a few commutes away from being able to weave the shoulders and do the sleeves -- the commuting fairies have not been kind lately. Of course, it helps that Miss Julia was ready to be picked up at the Library last night, so there was no knitting on the Green or Red Lines by me on the way home. Miss Julia is like that, but she's fun company.

And, lastly, the thing that will not photograph, particularly in rainy light. Trust me, it's growing slowly. I make both sleeves at the same time side by side since it makes it easier to make them match, and there's less chance that one will lanquish undone.

Himself is thinking of a driving vacation for the last half of the month around the southern part of Nova Scotia. Part camping, part B&B, part cooking for himself, part hoping to find vegetarian-friendly eateries that don't ask, not fish?! Any suggestions? We've already stayed in Halifax last time through, and he's looking to get out into countryside.

You'll love rural Nova Scotia! Don't be afraid to ask for changes to some of the dishes on the menu. They'll usually say it's not a problem and presto, good eats with no meat.
Driving vacations, all that knitting time! The coast is so beautiful you should make sure to bring something completely mindless so you can goggle out the window! ;)
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