Thursday, May 25, 2006

It's 7 months til Christmas!

Just sayin'. And, as of yesterday, it's 4 months to the Boston Knit Out and Crochet Too 2006 gathering on the Common. Lucy is reporting our Articles of Incorporation have been accepted by the Commonwealth, which is another step on the way to non-profit status.

At knitting group last night I worked on the sleeves of the 3rd expected triplet sweater and finished the knitting when I got home. Finishing, finishing, like sewing in ends and all that, well, that's another issue.

Shown on the left in the company of the other expected triplet sweaters, one of these things is not like the other. I'm going to set this one aside and hold it for a future baby. Odds are someone of my acquaintence will have progeny before I lose track of where I put this away.

Shown on the right is the 4th expected triplet sweater which, while not in the same palette as the other two, at least carries on with the short color length theme. I wish I could have found another color of Sockotta that had the variety of colors (especially the red variants) in the other two, but this will do.

Finishing finishing will probably take place when the companion flamingo is taking the magic ride in the dryer. At the moment the flamingo is mid-way through the body. More progress should get made over the long weekend.

The new moon is coming up on Saturday and for once I don't have plans for massive casting on. There's enough around the place already to be working on, and no projects with deadlines, that I don't need to start anything new this month.

The theme of the Knit-Out fashion show this year is going to be embellishments. Come June I'll be ready to get going on my plans. Expect a hot, muggy summer, because there'll be felting.

hey patience!
two questions-
would you like to get sushi with us on saturday evening? We're going at 6:30, to fugakyu. let me know.

second, any idea where i get the pattern for baby surprise? is it totally out of print?
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