Monday, May 22, 2006

Lots of stuff since Friday

First off, must remember to go to the Boston Knit-Out organizational meeting at the Borders in Downtown Crossing tonight at 6:30, around the back.

Shown here is the 4th of the expected triplet sweaters. The third reached the point of stay-at home, so this is now going around with me. The commuting fairies were good on Friday and then we did some driving around this weekend.

Saturday we did the Brookline Open Studios and wandered around for about 3 3/4 hours. Long walk, some interesting things. Those folks need to take a page from the Somerville people though about their website. No way to look up artists by media, and the map sections are quite small, so it's hard to see how to get from one place to the next.

Saturday morning I was at Himself's house intending to pick up and work on the Etherial Fischu last seen in early January (2006). Then I discovered I'd picked up the directions for a different project when I was packing on Friday morning. Saturday afternoon we stopped back at my place and the Fischu directions were no where to be found. We went out to the store where I think I bought it, which didn't have a copy. So we went back to Himself's house and I started surfing the web for a new pattern. Long story short, and the Knitting Zone had the Diamond Fantasy pattern for download.

And I'll note that Lucy's sock yarn frogs and reknits very well. This is for the best, since I was not really happy with the shape of the Fischu -- the triangle was to long to the point with a not wide enough base, so it didn't quite fit around the shoulders.

This is the progress after an evening and an afternoon of working on this. Course we all know how shawls are like puppies and just start growing until they become big projects that then need work.

And since the pattern has an I-cord edging, hmmm, can I get to that point and have something else to demo with in my I-cord class at the Granite State Knit-In?

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