Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Lucy got her own blog

Go see her over here! Though, it was working last night and this morning all I'm seeing is HTML. I'll try from work to see if it's me, or if something went screwy overnight in her template.

The second expected triplet sweater made some progress, though the commuting fairies weren't overly kind. Well, we all got to where we needed to go, but there was a long wait first and a very full car resulting. No subway seat karma working.

The thought with these triplet sweaters is to do the same shape in different colorways. The yarn is Sockotta, a cotton/wool machine wash blend, which I hope is good for Florida. Yesterday's almost finished sweater has handwritten on the label 15 under color and lot #991. The above's label is printed, color 12 and lot 991. The third is, um, here somewhere.

I think I fixed the problem and now www.fullserviceyarnshop.com works too!
I'm going to try to upload some pictures today.
Sorry about the commute. What is with the Red Line these days? I hope they fix it because it used to seem so dependable!
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