Monday, May 08, 2006

Non educational photos of Kitchenering

We had a great day with the Somerville Open Studios walking around for about 3 1/2 hours all told. Didn't do them all, but made a wide route that took us past some that friends recommended and some we picked because I wanted to focus on beads and glass -- for color.

When we got back, I finished the knitting of the Moebius scarf that will be my I-cord teaching aid at the Granite State Knit-In. It feels good to have that done. The next part will be to get the twisted bi-color I-cord started on this, but I don't need much done.
On the left, midrow shot of kitchenering garter stitch. Yes, I got out Knitting Around for the instructions at the back of how to weave garter to garter. Then I discoveredt that this stripe is one ridge shorter than the rest. And this will be noticed on a prancing pony?

Lastly, the first of the expected triplet Nalgars had its sleeves done and the shoulders are being kitchenered together. I always have to guess how wide of a neckline to leave -- this is slightly less than half of the right side kitchenered.

I have a meeting tonight along with two commutes, so the 2nd expected triplet Nalger should have major progress up the increases done by tomorrow morning.

I was having sudden won't finish in time worries on these projects, which is why I dropped the other things I was working on and got back to them. The tripets' flamingo did not make progress this weekend, but.....

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