Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Things accomplished over the weekend

The 4th expected triplet baby sweater got finished, though not finished, if you know what I mean. It fits better with the other two, and the 3rd will go to another baby sometime.

The companion flamingo got as far as the part where you attach the black to make the beak, at which point I discovered I had forgotten to bring the black with me.

We pretty much laid low on Saturday, given that Himself was sick enough to cancel our going to my folks that day for lunch.

Sunday, we didn't get to do a mountain a month, but we did go to the Lynn Wood Reservation. It was a bit tough, but it felt good when it was done.
Monday afternoon Himself went to a gathering of his card playing friends and I spent the afternoon by myself with my projects. You can see the other progress made above, and then I got started organizing my box of teaching for the Granite State Knit-In this coming weekend. I have two classes of 6 students each for Entrelac, and so far 4 for applied I-cord. Left is one of my "here's what you can do" examples. I want to have it not done, so I can use it as teaching example of how to apply twisted I-cord.

On the right is the box of teaching packed for this year. Yeah!

And last, but not least, what to do for commute knitting, now that the expected triplet sweaters are done? Item #3 of March, 2006 new moon starting has been resurrected. The object of the exercise is to use up the J&S Shetland JumperWeight bought (mostly) during 1991 Camp. So, each day, I'm going to change color. We had two days with (brief) travel during the weekend, so you can see the gray and the pink. Now I need to go choose a new color for today, and we'll have a visual demostration of how the commuting fairies are feeling.

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