Friday, May 05, 2006

Those things we take for granted.

This was over on Obsession du Jour this morning. I'm not so sure about the nullification and fighting, but it's diverting.

Positronic Artificial Technician Intended for Efficient Nullification and Ceaseless Exploration

Handcrafted Intelligent Machine Skilled in Exploration and Logical Fighting

They can be found here.

Having the insulin pump go wacky on me was almost indescribable yesterday. There's an essay in me about it, but it's not ready to come out yet. However, the new pump showed up (at 1 p.m. rather than 10:30 or noon), was swapped out and the first is ready for the UPS call tag to come take it back to the factory for diagnosis.

Tonight we're going dancing and I can only hope that the real dunce from NEFFA (Mr. Red Pants) who lives in that town will be refused admission at the door. He had no business being in the Medley not knowing how to do basic skills and, based on what I saw, he won't learn. Not that I'm a little strident on the subject of either building your skills or staying out of what's reserved for those skill levels.

Knitting -- since the first baby Nalgar for the triplets was getting to the point where it needs to stay home, the second one got started.

There'll be alot of computer time tomorrow. I'm starting a new something and need to stay close to the email with the endo and test alot. Maybe I'll listen to some podcasts as well.

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