Thursday, May 18, 2006

Traipsing up Flamingo Road

Gotta love the morning light. The florida-headed flamingo went to knitting group last night and this morning is one row away from putting in markers for future leg placement. Upcoming are all those W&T rows, which might not be the best thing to take out in company. We'll see what heads to knitting group next week.

My plans for the Granite State Knit-In are coming together. Himself will be heading to Atlantic Canada the next day, so it's looking like I'll be getting home via the Downeaster out of Portland on his way through.

Which means I now need to look at what I'm bringing to the day. It's about time to do my own homework(s) prep. for class, given that I need to have the sample piece for entrelac in several stages of progression ready to go when the class reaches that stage. And figure out what about I-cord, in what order, I'll be saying and demoing to my students. It's fun, but it's a challenge. It's like that favorite essay question: Discuss. Doesn't say where to start, what to cover, how much the audience already knows on background, just Discuss.

And then I need to figure out what I'm getting at the Mind's Eye annual sale. This year it's all week, so those of us with an annual prior committment that weekend can still participate.

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