Thursday, May 11, 2006

Triplets - sweaters and socks

All three expected triplet sweaters are in play today. Last night I realized the 2nd sweater was getting to the point where it would need the extra circs. aleady in use in the first sweater. Time to finish the first! (okay, finished as in the knitting is finished but no ends sewn in or anything really finished like that.) So, instead of the flamingo's foot and next leg, I worked on this at knitting group last night.

The second sweater is on the left, reaching the point where it might not last through a commute before the increases get finished. Once the increases are finished you can either 1. do the sleeves, then weave the shoulders and do the neck or, 2. weave the shoulders and do the neck, then do the sleeves. Neither of these processes are really best done in a crowded moving subway car.

The third sweater is about to get started. Yes, its yarn turned up out of the cultch. Colorway is 5613, lot #3. It's more different than the first two than they are different from each other, so it will be interesting how it goes in the "similar but different" theme I have going.

Meanwhile, also at knitting group, Kimberly realized she, Lucy and I were all wearing the same Regia colorway in our socks. Ankle pictures will be up here (it is a Full Service Yarn Shop) later this morning.

Lucy is thinking of later this year having another massive preorder sale of Regia sock yarn like she had (how many?) years ago. While you're over there, let her know if you would be interested. There were deep discounts to be had, the color card was there for choosing and it was a chance to get the colorways you haven't seen on store shelves.

I just put up our feet!
Petronella looks quite fetching in the Pastaza shelf.
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