Friday, June 23, 2006

2nd commuter baby surprize sweater

Quick post this morning. The humidity is just sucking all the energy out of me -- didn't sleep last night even with the air conditioner.

It also helps (?) that having gotten back from 2 weeks away last Saturday, Himself is leaving Sunday to meet up with his brother (over from Germany) and brother's friends from NYC to go camping for a week. Sigh.

So, 2nd commuter sweater. The colors got far more nuetral. I think I was working too hard to try to set things up so it would "blend." I'm surprized how much I got done in the brown last Thursday, but that's 2 subways and then the 96 over and back to Medford Square to go dancing.

I've started the third with the flaming red-yellow that's not quite an orange color. I'm not sure what I was thinking back in 1991, but I'm not sure I knew the difference between blue-reds and yellow-reds back then. In any case, there are 8 ounces of it to use up. I"m thinking this sweater to use it every other day, and maybe it will get used up more. Otherwise, if I go with the "pull a different one each day that goes with the one before" it's never going to get into the mix.

The Diamond Fantasy Shawl has started the eighth iteration of the multiple and the first skein of Lucy's sock yarn is just about to run out in the next few rows.

I like it.
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