Sunday, June 11, 2006

Day of enthusiasms

The Boston edition of Knit In Public Day happened yesterday under the overhang of the Au Bon Pain in Harvard Square (Cambridge).

From the back there's Emily and Guido, Alasdair and Jordan, Ariel and Danielle (at the time reporting for the Globe, later off the clock). Topics were wide-ranging, though mostly knit-centric. Guido made new friends with non-knitters sitting at nearby tables. Alasdair is not in charge of non-organizing next year, I think.

The butterfly shawl (with it's 2 pounds of Zephyr on cones) made progress. I lasted for 2 1/2 hours in the cold and damp before heading back home.

Then in the evening there was a fantastic benefit dance put on by Lisa Greenleaf, et al, for the Scout House floor reconditioning. I had been looking for a ride to this since Himself is out of town and trains to Concord are not timed for my convenience. Jeremy (of the contra corners at NEFFA discussion) was in town from California for a conference and gave me a ride. The more I go contra dancing, the more I realize how good it makes me feel. A while back Concateknit had an entry about "they don't call it funning out" about what a chore it is to be at the gym. I seem to do a lot of smiling when I'm dancing.

It's time to do the finished object dance for the first of the commuting baby surprise jackets. On the left is the pre-folded funny looking object. I was working the yellow last night convinced I was doing it wrong because I couldn't see how it was working. Must remember Elizabeth doesn't necessary construct garments as others do. Just because you're at "the top" of the project doesn't necessarily mean it's the upside of the sweater.

Right side to and other way round, it makes a bit more sense. I like the randomness of it, but I'm not sure knowing what I do know that I would put the bright yellow around the bottom again. Eh. There are ends and buttons to do.....

And that leaves how much yarn out of the Jamieson and Smith stash from 1991 to keep using up?

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