Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Happy Solstice

For those of us with SAD, let's get started. It's funny how whenever the Summer Solstice hits, I always regret that now the evenings are going to be shorter. I get over it in a few weeks, but it's still bothersome.

This morning my front porch has more shadows than I can comprehend. I can not find a spot that doesn't have a column graying up the works. In any case, shown on the right is the current progress of the 2nd Baby Surprize commuter sweater. In eight days of commuting (including the white from a week ago's community meeting on the VFW redesign) I'm at the point of having done buttonholes on one side and am working across the back to do the buttonholes on the other side. Not sure if this will be finished up in today's commute.

In other projects, the Diamond Fantasy Shawl is in the middle of its 7th iteration of the multiple on the way to 10. For the statistics, yes, one skein of Lucy's yarn will get you through the scarf version with 6 iterations of the multiple. In the middle of the 7th I have a fist size ball left of the first skein.

The new moon comes on Saturday and I'm itching to cast on. They've moved my office and I'm away from the morning sunshine that warms the harbor-facing side of the building and the 3 o'clock blast of cold air comes through strong near me. I need something over the shoulders, but not big and drapey. I have one Shapely Shawlette, but it's in Cherry Tree Hill Birch, and yellow/green/gray just don't go with all the pinks and blues I wear. Before I found out Lucy would be dying more yarn next week, I got myself a skein of Cherry Tree Hill Tropical Storm. The colors just won't come out right this morning, but there's a lot of different blues with a bit of turquoise in this.

Another thing to get started on might be a hedgehog. I have a kit for the Fiber Trends Huggable Hedgehog introduced earlier this year, and it think it's time to make it. I have reservations about the eyelash yarn, but it's confined to the back so it might be doable. The all-over eyelash of the kitten was a trial.

Hi Patience!
I had no idea you were knitting the DFS. I would have shown you mine during the BKOAC meeting the other night. I am in my 6th repeat, but am thinking I may be able to pull off using just 7 because the gift recipient is petite and gets warm very easily. See you next month!
Eyelash yarns are a pain aren't they!!
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