Thursday, June 08, 2006

I'd best be sure to do my hair

I'm not sure what news organization Danielle D. is working for these days, but she's sent me email that she's been assigned to cover Knit In Public day and her editor is having her bring a photographer. Actually, they really want pictures of Guido, so I can be as frumpy as I like in all likelihood.

I wonder if he and I will need to switch t-shirts, since I have the official Knit In Public Boston shirt from Franklin, and I don't think he does. Guido, drop me a note if I should be prepared with a spare..... I could bring the Mind's Eye Yarns shamless promotion shirt as a backup for me if you wanted the shirt off my back. (compulse, compulse)

So, Harvard Square in front of Au Bon Pain, starting at 11 a.m. on Saturday, for anyone who's interested. Still figuring out which project(s) I'm bringing to work on.

I finally made it back to the Thursday night contras tonight, that I hadn't been able to get to all May. Fun and friends as always, and yet more calories expended toward the goal of using 35,000 and not replacing them. I did alright from a BG standpoint, but now I'm really hankering for the new pump I'm due to get in July. Not just for the real-time glucose monitor, but also for the IOB -- insulin on board -- feature. Given the 4-6 hour activity curve, variable by the size of the dose, and the tendency of doses to stack on top of each other, I'm coming to realize as I get more serious about exercising, how valuable it will be to know how much I have active at any given moment. You need insulin to get glucose out of the bloodstream and into the muscle, but too much insulin at any given moment is disasterous.

Enough of that -- this is a knitting blog. Subway seat karma has been highly variable lately (along with the commuting fairies' timing of subways), but the baby surprize jacket is making progress over the course of a week. I'm having fun each morning remembering to pick the next color and spit splice it in before needing to get out the door. I've been using the method of putting already used colors somewhere else and reaching a hand into the bag of what's left and seeing what comes out in my fist. Sometimes I put it back, but most times I use whatever the hand grabs. Since this was taking this morning, the jacket has reached the portion of knitting 10 ridges on the center 90 stitches, for those familiar with the pattern.

And the flamingo last seen around Memorial Day has a beak at last. He just needs a tummy panel and then I need to watch the DVD I have on finishing and sewing up. Strangely enough, Himself has shown no enthusiasm whatsoever to watch this with me, so I'd best take advantage of his being out of town and see it by myself.

And just for Himself, see, I haven't killed your kitchen herbs, yet. The basil is growing like Topsy, but the rosemary needs to see Par about its posture.

Note to self: Contact Guido!
Note to self: shave

Also, I have no t-shirt, but do not need one.

Thanks for the offer.

Perhaps you and your shirt will make it into the picture, hence you probably should not be to frunpy..:) (Like you have ever been less than respectable looking...)
It doesn't have to be just a knitting blog, it can have the glucose and potted herbs in it without apologies. But we do like seeing flamingo progress.

P-- By the way, I can't interview you since you're my friend, so all you have to worry about is the photo!
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