Sunday, June 25, 2006

June 25th, 6 months till Christmas

Just sayin'.

I got the day of the new moon wrong (it's today) and cast on yesterday for the Shapely Shawlette in Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Tropical Storm colorway, in the plain garter stitch variation. I'm working it on size 5s and it's moving right along. As with every shawl (even shawlette) at some point the increases gain critical mass and rows start to Take Awhile To Finish. At the same time, it's reached the point where you can grasp it in your hand and it feels cushy-wonderful of the merino. This photo does not do the colors justice, but it's evening of yet another rainy day here.

(good news -- the aquifers have finally refilled and there is no longer worry of a drought in Massachusetts after the lack of snow last winter.)

Other things to get started on are the flowers from Pick Up Sticks. I have the patterns for most of these and my first purchase was the kit for the Calla Lily. At $12.00 for the pattern, some floral wire and what was in essence small lengths of Cascade 220, I resolved to find the patterns by themselves. Which I did at a place on the seacoast of NH.

So, for the embellishments portion of the Boston Knit-Out fashion show, my intent is to have felted flower arrangements ready, so I'd best get going. It's 3 months from yesterday.

Himself is off today to upstate NY to meet up with his brother and brother's friends and be away camping and canoeing until Friday. At least he'll be back in time for Summerfest in New Bedford on the weekend. Actually this isn't a bad week for him to be away.
A while back the town of Lexington had given notice to the neighborhood that their street was due to be redone in this budget year. And so the Recyclersaurus is parked in front of his house this weekend. This is a mean looking animal, with many warning signs. Looks like it's best to stay out of its way. It is also not a source of potable water. If Himself is on a lake in NY state, I don't have to worry about him getting smooshed like the warning on the upper left. He's already tall and thin enough.

We had other visitors over the weekend, coming out in his backyard in the gloaming of Saturday evening. Unclear if they were just passing through and liked the bushes, or if they intend to stay. They stayed intermittantly visible during preparation and dinner, and then disappeared with the sunset.

I can handle that Christmas is six months away, but the fact that the Knit Out is less that three is giving me palpitations!
Boy, that's some machine out front of the house. We didn't have anything that cool when they dug my street.
Go turkeys! Since you said "his backyard" I presume those are in Lexington, not Cambridge? We had one on our street in Newton a couple of years ago. When you see them you can believe they evolved from dinosaurs.
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