Thursday, June 15, 2006

More things finishing

For Wednesday night's knitting group I bundled what I hadn't finished finishing into the bag and worked on them. No more pictures of baby Nalgars, but they are all finished and labled and ready to ship.

Then I figured out I hadn't brought any J&S jumperweight with me to sew the shoulder seams of the baby surprize. I did get the buttons sewn on, though. This morning I managed to sew the two seams and take photos.

I'm surprized at how different the back appears than the front.
Where colors on the front bend around the armholes, that's not nearly as noticable on the back. I'm also glad that this yarn spit splices as easily as it does, otherwise, these would be far more monochromatic.

I'm having fun with not agonizing over choosing colors for the next day's commute. I usually to with what strikes my eye first, with a brief check to make sure it goes with the prior day's color. Most of the stripes are coming out relatively even. This week's iteration will show the effects of Tuesday's meeting in the white.

In the meantime, there's still this left to use up.

This evening I took myself dancing (i.e. funning out) at Springstep, even though I wound up going lower than I would have liked, even with a full bottle of flat Coke in my system and a supper coming on line. There were times I felt I was dancing stupid. Bob Golder (aka Linda Leslie's husband) was calling. I will dance again to any band that has Stuart Kenney and Peter Barnes in it. I didn't know the fiddler, but they were rocking.

I really, really want the RTGM. I'm waiting for the call back from my insurance company's case manager. Nights like this make me realize how valuable a tool it will be.

I'm glad you had fun dancing inspite of the low. I'll start sending more "Get Patience her RTMG NOW" vibes out into the world!
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