Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Non-knitting, non-finishing post

Minimed has a slideshow video up on their website showing how their new 522 pump with RTGM will improve the daily life of a hypothetical diabetic. I like it, just because it acknowledges some of what I go through in the course of a day trying to be a "good diabetic" but yet live as close to a normal as possible. It leaves out alot, but it's enough of an idea. I'm not sure how I would have done what I do still using multiple daily injections (MDI).

So yesterday I went and bought myself a hat at the custom embroidery kiosk in the Pru. The Happy Pumpers Brigade started out as a somewhat derisive term in the diabetic community years back, given that early pumpers had to be enthusiastic (they had to make a lot of effort to get these things approved by their insurance company) and tended to be evangelical about their experiences. There are many more pumpers now and I'm not sure the term is used quite so much, but it will be recognized.

And I am a happy pumper. I hope those who recognize the term will talk to me if we meet when I'm wearing the hat.

In other news, I went to the community meeting for the VFW redesign, though, mistakenly I went to City Hall only to find out it was being held at the VFW (duh), so I got there late. They had an architect's model and the architect was doing a slide show. The audience was mostly neighbors concerned with the impact on the traffic and noise concerns. Relatively few dancers were there. Michael B. the sound guy was, and had discussions with the younger architects about how to design sound and where not to put subwoofers. The younger architects say that the multipurpose room will be a sprung wood floor (I about cried, but it had been a hard day) and later Michael told me there are several animals called sprung wood floor, so that statement from them needs further investigation.

It was a late night. And what with the low getting to the meeting and trying to get from place to place, and the sudden warm temperatures of the day, and trying to suss how the neighbors felt about dancers (turns out they're really angry at the weddings the VFW used to hold and allow to get out of control, but dancers were a much handier target because we come back week after week) I just about collapsed when I got home.

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