Friday, June 09, 2006

Thanks for the comments

I think 4 comments in one day is a record for me. It's nice to see folks using them.

And I don't normally go into the metabolism stuff, just because it's really easy to slide into that place where I start to resent you Normals and how thoughtless your life is, and I don't like to be there.

That said, I'm currently 10 days away from finding out how much out-of-pocket this incredible tool I've been waiting for since the late 1990's will potentially cost me, and how soon I can expect to get my mitts on it. We're talking a serious attack of the I-Wants.

There was a girl at last night's dance with a Cozmo pump (hers doesn't have a name) and I found myself shouting about "One Grand Patient Responsibility and $400 a month supplies" at her over the (rather over-amplified) music. Wish I'd gotten her name.

In other news, Blogger now has a search function so I can now find prior entries without having to go to Google Blog search. All I have to do is put, for instance, NEFFA into that little box and it brings up the 3 entries I've mentioned it. This will be handy for linking back.

The commuting fairies held up the Red Line this morning so the baby surprise jacket made way more progress than it should have. Photos tomorrow in the morning light.

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