Thursday, June 01, 2006

What I got at the sale

I picked this up at the Mind's Eye Yarn's annual sale last night. On the top right is an orphan labelless skein of Cascade 220 which I think will be handy for my felted flowers project later in the summer - think irises. Below that, the purple is Lucy's hand-dyed sock yarn. Since it's now available on her Etsy shop, it's been flying off the shelves. She's at the point where she'll have to do a new batch soon..... hmmm. Can't wait to see what colorways she dyes this time.

The big lot is Cascade 220 tweed. I was hoping the photo would show the label with enough detail for documentation, but, since it didn't, the color is 7630, lot 5120 and there are 6 skeins. That should be plenty enough for a cardigan for me. By next cool weather, I'm hoping to have a "basics" color sweater -- i.e., go with most everything in the wardrobe, but with the color flecks from the tweed to give it a little life.

This despite the effort to reduce the stash. Well, at least they are thought-through and purposeful purchases -- there is a plan for each one, and they weren't just bought "on-spec."

I always tell myself that too.
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