Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Back after a break

You Are The Hermit

You posses a great deal of wisdom and the ability to see people for who they are.
You are always looking ahead at the future, developing visions.
A loner, you tend to travel by yourself through life, seeking your own truth.
You don't crave material things or
fancy titles. You have no baggage.

Your fortune:

It's possible that there is a unknown guiding figure in your life, ready to help you.

All you have to do is find this person and seek their advice.
It's also possible that you need to start seeking the meaning of your own life.
Either way, there's some deep thinking you need to undertake, and it needs to be done soon.
What Tarot Card Are You?

That, thanks to FemiKnit Mafia .

So, what type of knitting has been going on here in the last week? The Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Tropical Storm Colorway Shapely Shawlette has been finished. I started it Saturday the 23rd and finished on Friday the 30th. Of course, the Baby Surprize Commuter project was completed shunted aside in the process, but, well it blows cold air on the new side of the building and I need something to cover my shoulders.

Here's a closeup of the color. For some reason it's photographing much better this week than last.

What else have we been up to? Himself came back from the camping trip with his brother a bit early due to the rain. Saturday we went to New Bedford's Sumerfest where we got to see Le Vent du Nord and a few other acts. The Dancing Feet workshop was just fantastic.

Sunday we sort of hung around and didn't do too much. I appearently really needed to catch up on sleep, since I did a lot of that. Monday we went to the Lowell National Park and had a good day in the better weather learning about what the boys hadn't known before.

Tuesday, Eric had a committment with bellringing in the evening, and Himself and I wandered down to the river and found a spot opposite the barge to view the fireworks. Something you need to do every so often. It was a good show this year.

Other knitting news has me starting another Shapely Shawlette, this time with a superwash merino sock weight Lucy is trying out in the Etsy Shop. Lovely pink-purple-blues. It's a tough choice between working on this and the Baby Surprise commuter project.

And, I'm hoping in the next few days to have a progress picture of the Diamond Fantasy Shawl. The first skein ran out at the 3rd row of the 8th iteration of the multiple, and I'm currently in the last of the 10th multiple. Then comes a couple of fiddly bits and a very long cast off across the top.

WAIT a sec. I just tried the tarot card thing and it didn't ask me any questions-- just generated a card. Can we assume that whatever cosmic force controls real-life tarot card choices also applies to cgi scripts? Or is life simply a random experience within which we try to find patterns and meaning?

Alternatively, did someone put woo-woo dust in my coffee this morning?

You Are the Empress

You represent the ideal female figure: beauty and nurturing.
You bring security and harmony to many.
At times, you are also a very sensual person.
You are characterized by love, pleasure, and desire.

Your fortune:

You need to take some time to think about the role of commitment in your life.
It's possible you need to commit more to others, or deal with how others have treated you.
It is very important for you to support your friends and family right now, difficult as it may be.
You may need to look at your relationship with your mother, or your relationships as a mother.
I like how the shawl came out. It's very pretty.
I really like that yarn!
Now why didn't I think of a lacey something other than socks project. My plans for Lucy's new hand-dyed fizzeled big time and now what to do with 4 skeins!
Let me know how big the new project is after 1. It might placate the knitting deity's that have cursed my ability to knit socks.
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